XDS XLITE Girls 18" Bicycle

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They grow up so fast and before you know it the training wheels are coming off and your little ones are asking you for a big kids bike. Look no further than the XDS XLITE Girls 18” bike. Recommended for ages 5 to 9, the XLITE 18 is where a kids bike starts to evolve past a training level bike and into something your youngster can take out over longer distances.


  • Lightweight Alloy Frame

Parents will love the XLITE’s lightweight full aluminium alloy frame and forks. Easier to carry and transport for mum and dad, and easier to pedal and control for the little ones. The lighter frame is more responsive to the commands of the rider, and greater stiffness makes pedalling more efficient when less energy is lost in the flexing of the frame.

  • Ergonomic Seating

Support their growing spines with an ergonomic posture. A comfortable saddle and lower handlebars creates a healthier seating position for kids. The XLITE frame is designed to improve support and performance in a number of key areas: posture, pedalling efficiency and weight distribution.

  • Safety

On the XLITE your little ones can stop with confidence thanks to front alloy V Brakes and rear coaster brakes. The coaster hub lets your child coast like a freewheel, but pedalling backwards engages the coaster brake and brings your little one safely to a stop.

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