On Guard Rottweiler Armoured Key Lock 100cm x 20mm

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Armored cable locks offer the lighter weight of a high strength steel cable with the added protection of a hardened steel sheath that shrugs off attack from bolt and wire cutters. High strength twisted steel cable is permanently forged to a X2P Double Bolt lock head featuring new double rubber coated lock head covers for a comfortable grip and added protection against knocks and hits.


  • 100cm x 20mm twisted steel cable protected by hardened steel links.
  • Automatic dust cover protects cylinder.
  • All round cut protected locking insert.
  • Protective coating on the integrated lock mechanism.
  • Double bolt locking mechanism provides high pull resistance.
  • The new user friendly pick, pull and drill resistant On Guard Z-Key cylinder featuring bump lock, offers optimum protection against physical attack.
  • Includes 5 laser cut keys (1 micro light and 4 extra grip keys). Micro light key projects a bright white beam.
  • Tough protective vinyl cable cover.

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