BSD Rude Tube LT Peg - PC/Alloy

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The BSD Rude Tube peg has gone on a diet!! Let’s face it, who wouldn’t like to save some weight on their bike, 4 pegs weigh quite a lot but they don’t have to.

The Rude Tube LT uses the same plastic outer as the Rude Tube peg but has a tough 7075 alloy inner with a heat treated chromo adaptor at the dropout interface which won’t lose it’s shape from over tightening or catching an upright.

Weighing 33% less at only 115g each it means you can run 4 pegs with the equivalent weigh of just over 2.5.

  • Durable plastic Rude Tube sleeve
  • Lightweight 7075 alloy inner peg
  • Heat treated chromo insert
  • 33% lighter than regular Rude Tubes
  • A choice of either 4.2″ or 4.5″ XL lengths
  • Sold singularly in either 10mm or 14mm
  • Replacement plastic outer sleeves also available separately


  • Axle Size: 10mm or 14mm
  • Length: 4.2" or 4.5" XL
  • Diameter: 1.4"
  • Weight: 115 grams (per peg)
  • Colours: Black

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