Bicycle Repairs & Servicing Available At District Cycle Store Pakenham.

Please Note: Due to the growth of our online and in store sales this year we have made the decision to close our workshop during the Christmas season from October 1st to December 31st. We will still be able to perform puncture repairs and other minor jobs during this time. Our workshop will reopen for servicing and repairs from January 2nd 2020.

We offer a variety of workshop services from general servicing to specialised repairs. Below are our four most popular service packages, starting from a low price of $29. Feel free to call us on 03 5918 0976  or use the contact form to the left of the page to book your bike in with us or if you have any questions.

Gear Service - $29.00

Are your gears skipping or not changing as good as they used too? Our $29.00 gear service could be just what your bike needs!

  • Check derailleur hanger alignment
  • Lubricate gear cables
  • Adjust derailleur end points and tune gears 

BMX Service - $39.00

Our BMX Service will keep your bike dialled and running smooth.

  • Remove headset, clean, grease and reinstall.
  • Remove cranks, clean, grease and reinstall bottom bracket bearings and spindle.
  • True wheels (wheels are removed from bike).
  • Adjust brakes (if fitted).
  • Torque all bolts to manufacturer spec.
  • Adjust chain tension and lube.
  • Inflate tyres to recommended pressure.

Regular Maintenance Service - $49.00

Recommended as a regular 6-12 monthly service to keep your bike in top working order.

  • Lubricate all brake and derailleur cables
  • Adjust brake pads and cable tension
  • Check derailleur hanger alignment
  • Adjust derailleur end points and tune gears
  • Check chain and driveline wear
  • Minor wheel true (wheels remain in the bike)
  • Full nut and bolt check (torqued to manufacturer specs)
  • Lubricate all pivot points
  • Pump up tyres to recommended pressure
  • Oil Chain
  • Option to add a chain and cassette clean for an additional $15.00


Total Maintenance Service - $89.00

If your bike has been neglected or you ride in extremely wet or muddy conditions often we recommend our total maintenance service to get your bike clean and running smoothly again.

  • Everything included in our Regular Maintenance service plus
  • Full wash and degrease of the bicycle
  • Remove headset and bottom bracket. Clean, grease and reinstall
  • Wheels removed from bike and trued

All prices shown are for labour only and do not include parts or the installation of new parts.

Below is a list of installation prices for many of our popular items. 

  • Minimum workshop labor charge is $10.
  • Tyre or Tube installation $10 per wheel.
  • Brake or Gear cable installation $10 per end (Additional charges will apply if brakes or gears require adjustment).
  • Brake Pad installation From $10 per end.
  • Computer installation and program $15.
  • Child Carrier installation $30.
  • Rear Carrier Rack Installation $25.
  • Handlegrip installation $10 (Free if grips purchased in store).
  • Bottom Bracket Installation $15.
  • Headset Installation $15.
  • Hub Bearings Overhaul (Remove, clean or replace and re install) From $15 per hub.
  • Bike Build (new bike in box) From $30.
  • Wheel Build $45 per wheel. 
  • Wheel Truing From $15.
  • Bar Tape Install $25.
  • BMX Gyro Installation From $30.
  • For all other items not listed please contact us.

All services will be charged at a discounted rate if the products are purchased from us at the time of installation.