Old School/Vintage Bikes

While we love modern bikes and we also have a massive respect for older bikes that helped pave the way for what we ride today. We have bicycles in our collection that date from 1980's and 90's BMX race bikes back to bikes from the 1920's through to the 60's, along with a variety of cycling memorabilia. You could say we like vintage stuff just a little bit!

We love working on them too, so whether you have a old school BMX you'd like to restore, a vintage racer, dragster or any other type of old bicycle, we'd love to see it!

We can offer a variety of services to either restore or simply get your old bike running again so you can enjoy that vintage coolness.

Come down and see us in store or call  03 5918 0976 for a chat.

Below are a few bikes and frames from our collection.

This is my 1996 Balance Killer B 24" Cruiser, the frame was given to me by Balance Australia (Hallmark Distributors) in late 1996, at that time it was the only one brought into the country. My Dad and I built it up and I raced it through the 97 and 98 seasons, finishing 3 Australia and 4 Australia on it over those two years. It was sold in 1999 and I was lucky enough to be able to buy it back in 2011. Other than the front hub, cranks and chainwheel it is almost exactly as I originally raced it.


2000 Schwinn Blue Falcon - Brian Fosters signature frame & fork. Purchased as a new old stock frame and fork in 2011 and built in a similar style to how BF had his own bike set up in the late 90's. This bike has since been stripped back down and many of the parts sold, the frame however can be seen on display in store.


Early 1980's Cecil Walker Semi Racer. This bike had survived the better part of 4 decades of use and only required a good clean and polish to bring back the colour and shine. This bike has since to sold to a very happy new owner.


1964 Stead Track Frame & Fork - I brought this at a swap meet a few years ago from an elderly gentlemen who informed me that it was made in a Sydney bike shop of the same name, something that was quite common back in that era. It still wears it's original paintwork and is a testament to an era long gone.


1982 Repco Hotfoot - My parents gave a second hand Hotfoot for my 7th birthday back in 1986 and 30 years later I built this replica.The frame was quite rusty and required a lot of cleaning and polishing to bring back the shine. The majority of the parts are new reproduction items, other than the seat clamp, grips, pads and number plate. The Pads aren't era correct but I've had them since 1996 and liked the look of the red against the yellow, the number plate is an original DME (Darren May Enterprises) item that I used in some of my first races back in the late 80's.


This is a late 1930's Malvern Star Two Star. I picked this up at a swap meet in 2016 and while it is a shame to pull apart an original bike, this one has given up many of it's parts for a very special project my Father and I are currently working one. The frame remains in my collection as an early example of an iconic Australian brand.