BMX Buyers Guide

Youth BMX Bikes (Up to $400)

Youth size bikes are perfect for younger riders just starting out in BMX. With wheel sizes ranging from 16" to 20", these are suitable for riders as young as 6 years old through to 12 years old. 16" and 18" bikes use smaller wheels than the standard 20" BMX size, along with smaller frames, shorter cranks and lower rise handlebars to make for a better fitting more comfortable bike for young shredders. 20" youth bikes generally feature a shorter top tube frame and once again use shorter cranks with lower rise handlebars.


GT Bicycles Lil Performer 16" - $369

Entry Level BMX Bikes ($400 to $600)

Entry level BMX bikes are generally suited to all types of riding. You might be cruising around the neighbourhood with your friends jumping gutters and poppin' wheelies or trying out your first moves at the local skatepark or dirt jumps. Entry level bikes look just like the one's you might see the pro's riding but usually feature hi tensile steel frames, forks, handlebars and cranks, along with single wall rims. Some bikes in the higher end of this price range may use some chromoly tubing (lighter and stronger than hi tensile steel) in the frame along with the cranks and have higher spec parts.

Sunday Bikes Blueprint - $549

Mid Range BMX Bikes ($600 to $900)

 Mid range BMX bikes are quite often suited towards varied styles of riding, ie park, street and trails. You may be looking to upgrade from an entry level BMX or even be on to your third or fourth bike. Bikes in this range will feature multiple chromoly tubes in the frame (or even full chromoly) along with chromoly forks, bars and cranks. These bikes may also feature aftermarket parts along integrated headsets, mid bottom brackets and double wall rims. You will also find signature bikes from Pro riders in this price range, these bikes are endorsed by pro riders and will be styled after the bikes that they personally ride. Bikes in this range are usually lighter and stronger that entry level bikes and able to withstand the abuse that progressive riding may bring. 

Volume Bikes District - $699

Pro Level Bikes ($1000 +)

If you've been riding a lot and are pushing the limits than a pro level bike may be what you need. These bikes will feature full chromoly frames, forks, cranks and handlebars, full sealed bearings and a range of aftermarket parts. Bikes in this range will often look like a custom due to the amount of aftermarket parts used.

Sunday Bikes Street Sweeper - $1299