Props Issue 79 DVD Premiere Fundraiser

October 25, 2017

District Cycle Store Pakenham Props Issue 79

"Props video magazine is back after 6 and a half years for a special one off issue supporting east coast legend Chris Hallman. All proceeds from this issue will go towards helping Chris, who recently underwent treatment for Colon Cancer, with his medical bills related to his surgery and recovery."

At District Cycle Store we're huge Props fans. We have the Blu-Ray boxset playing almost non stop everyday in store and have some of our mid school Props VHS collection on display as well. We ordered a copy of Issue 79 as soon as we heard about it and have decided to hold a premiere at a future date either in store or at a nearby location. 

This event will be held as a fundraiser for the Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute Of Australia, a cause that is very close to our hearts here at DCS. 

Stay tuned as we announce further details of the event over the next few weeks.

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